Friday, 19 July 2013

Calculate your Apparel Factory's Carbon Footprint

This page helps you avail the GHG Emission Calculation Tool for the Indian Apparel Sector which will help you to calculate an apparel factory's carbon footprint. This Tool is developed by Dhawal Mane, now a National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi alumni as a Research Project with technical guidance from The Energy and Resources Institute, New Delhi.
If you wish to cite the tool, you are requested to use the below string:
Mane D. (2012). GHG Emission Calculation Tool for the Indian Apparel Sector. Version 1.0. NIFT, New Delhi

This tool is based on established mathematical formulae of carbon footprint calculation; more information on which can be found through IPCC reports here. It should be noted that the accuracy of the results depend entirely on the input data and approach of the user. Third party verification may be sought to gain assurance before disseminating the results to external stakeholders.

This is an attempt to make the tool available for Indian apparel factories. The tool is under further development for content refinement. A feedback is requested from all users for improvisation of the same.

How to avail the tool:
This can be done by following this simple 3 step process. 

1. Download the Tool: This is an MS Excel based tool. The user is required to read the Introduction and Guidance worksheets thoroughly before proceeding to further sheets. The tool can be best used with Microsoft Office 2007.

2. Fill Feedback Survey: Here, the user shall be asked a few questions related to the experience while using the tool. This is being done to improve the tool. On submitting the survey, the user will receive a password to unlock the "Summary" worksheet in the tool.

3.  Entire Summary of Results: On entering the password, the Summary sheet will display the factory's total carbon footprint with a detailed break up. The accuracy of results will be based on the inputs provided by the user.

In case of questions or difficulty in using the tool, feel free to reach out at

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